Friday, 19 January 2018

Overnight WSPR Diary, 18-19/01/2018

A geomagnetically very quiet, KP=0, flatlining preceding day, with very minor distrubance to Kp=2 from around 19:00UT, restoring to quiet conditions from around 23:00UT.

Apart from a couple of spots of LA stations, doubtless linked to the passing minor disturbance, nothing of any note was heard here.  SV8LMM, who is almost always the first station to be heard with the coming morning, is being heard steadily earlier now,

So I think this series of overnight listening shows definitively that moderate increases in disturbances of the geomagnetic field do bring enhancements to propagation at 14MHz, albeit to apparently very selective areas. As last night shows, very flat conditions allow propagation to die away completely at that frequency during this, midwinter period.

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  1. Hello John, it is very much location depending I think. And of course the copper mountain and water does help on your location.
    My report overnight/morning:

    My 1W signal was spotted by: OH2VMP (4:28), LX1DQ (4:58) and you very early in the morning before sunrise MW1CFN (5:40 at -12dB)

    I spotted: from 00:22-3:30 IZ7XIQ (best at 3:10 -3dB), G0CCL (3:32), SM7ETW (4:40), MW1CFN (5:38 a WSPR QSO!) and SV8LMM earliest spot was at 6:20.

    Further analysis revealed that my signal is spotted everyday at VE6JY on different times over the day. However you were only spotted on 12 and 17 January. This might be that the 200mW is just to low of course, my 1000mW gives 6dB more signal and that is huge for WSPR.

    So far it is still interesting and it proves that propagation is there at night however you have to be very luck to work a station. 73, Bas