Monday, 1 January 2018

Happy New Year, and an image from the past.

A very happy 2018 to everyone!

I am using this relatively quiet period to make public some more images from my friend, Ken Franklin, G3JKF that may be of interest to some.

Here is one from a 1978 gathering of some then (and in some cases, still) notable operators, including G6XN - Les Moxon (second from left, glasses, back row) and G5RV - Louis Varney (fifth from left, dark suit).  Further names will be added in due course.

The image appeared as one of two on the front cover of what was then rather dryly known as Radio Communication, journal of the Radio Society of Great Britain, now simply RadCom.

The cover of Radio Communication November 1978 is copyright of the Radio Society of Great Britain and reproduced here with their kind permission.
The occasion was the 55th anniversary of Douglas Johnson, G6DW's holding of a licence.  The image was taken at his QTH.  Initially, he held the 'experimental' licence 6DW, taking us back to 1923 and very early days for amateur radio (I gather the first, G2, licence was issued in 1920).  G6DW is described on the journal cover as a 'former adviser to the society on legal matters'.

G3JKF (fourth from left, back row) notes in his email to me:

"At that time being young and fit, I looked after Douglas G6DW's  equipment and kept him on the air through his Parkinsons period. I have a binful of  lovely pre-war genuine brass nuts and bolts as a memento of that time."

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