Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Overnight WSPR Diary, 15-16/01/2018

Geomagnetic field with two moderate disturbance periods, greatest to Kp=4.

Curiously, the overnight DX spots were absent, with only two Italian stations appearing briefly, also heard only by one G and one DL station:

The Italian stations appeared at the very onset of the second disturbance.  VOACAP shows no expected propagation from the specific Italian stations, but shifting the location by a few tens of kilometres starts to show a potential circuit.  Overall, therefore, whilst VOACAP is not totally accurate, it is very close on this circuit.

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  1. Same experience here, although no Italians heard. Band closed early, last DX spotted me was DP0GVN at 19:26. Band opened late this morning first spot US8IPR at 6:44. JH3APN was spotted 8:14, probabely greyline as I spot him every day around that time.First spot from VE6JY at 11:02, path is there almost every day...have to investigate with VOACAP. 73, Bas