Thursday, 12 April 2018

Burkina Faso DX!

I've had a bit of a minor 'flu these past days, so had a chance this afternoon to fire a few 'CQs' on 12m.

Whilst I'm the eternal optimist, it's been pretty dead on 12m the last few weeks, so I wasn't expecting much today.

But there has been some geomagnetic disturbance the past few days, too, so things were a bit better than expected.

Suprise, suprise, XT2AW was busy sending a strong signal out of Burkina Faso on FT8, with only a small number of people active alongside.  Whilst I am not a huge fan of FT8 on the busy bands, it is very useful on the lesser-used ones, where it can be used to quickly assess if anyone is out there, listening.

So I merrily logged a second QSO with that station, which last appeared in my log in 2015, also on 12m, but in SSB.

Always worth checking!

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