Friday, 16 March 2018

/P Looking good!

A nice warm day today, and a quick chance to finish some wiring and test out the system on SSB.

Using a 1/4 wave elevated vertical, conditions at 14MHz were pretty good compared with a few days ago.  I managed a contact with WD8CCC on 60W PEP, and a very strong contact with Ukraine.  The shack walls and ceiling are a little too lively, producing a distinct echo in my audio, but some plastic foam sheet or old carpet will sort that out!

The 100W panel was brought into action as I operated, and proved to keep the battery in very good condition.

I have yet to choose a high quality charge MPPT charge controller, using a second-hand waterproof PWM unit from Photonic Universe to get me going quickly at low cost.  I am have also not yet fitted ferrite rings to reduce cable-mediated RFI.  I am happy to say there is only a very weak level of pulses during rapid changes to solar intensity (when clouds drift in and out), and cause no problem at all.  In steady light, there is no discernible RFI.

For more local readers, don't worry - no radio or other expensive equipment is left in the hut.  You may also come across a shotgun-carrying farmer.

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