Tuesday, 25 July 2017

10m DX Amazement!

If I look at my 2012 logbook, it's stuffed full of DX across the world on 10m. 

Today, at sunspot minimum, QSOs on 10m are largely confined to fairly rare and transient sporadic-E openings.

Last evening, I was quite amazed to get a weak copy using JT65A into central Argentina - LU4HOQ.  By weak, I mean weak - just -23dB on receive, and much the same the other direction. I was using a vertical delta loop operating on its first harmonic, and the LU station appears to have been using a vertical of some sort.

Still, it does again show that the weak signal digital modes are now redefining accepted wisdoms about band openings, in that QSOs on upper bands are sometimes possible where they were previously not, even on CW.

'Shut up and operate' once again proves its worth as an approach to amateur radio!

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